Production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of all-steel radial tires and semi-steel radial tires

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  Shengtai Group was founded in the 1980s and is located in the "China's No. 1 Village of Tires", the largest tire manufacturing base in China-Shandong Xishui. On April 14, 2002, Shengtai Group Co., Ltd. was established. The group has subsidiaries such as Shengtai Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Shengshi Tailai Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (Qingzhou), Guangrao County Taihua International Trade Co., Ltd., Qingzhou Detai International Trade Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries.
  Seize global resources and build internationally renowned brands. The group now has more than 4,000 employees and more than 1,000 engineering and technical personnel. It has an annual output capacity of 3 million sets of all-steel truck radial tires and 16 million sets of semi-steel high-performance passenger car radial tires. The group has national-level laboratories and provincial-level technology centers, and has strong technology research and development capabilities. Its main products are "THREE-A", "RAPID", "AOTELI", "YATAI" and "YATONE". The product has successively passed the US DOT certification, European ECE certification, Brazil INMETRO certification and national compulsory product certification (3C certification), EU noise humidification certification, EU REACH certification, GCC certification, India BIS, SNI certification and other certifications. Widely favored by Chinese and foreign customers.
Shengtai Group
  In order to further follow the development trend of international tires and improve the competitiveness of national tire brands, the Group invested 1.5 billion yuan to build a new factory in September 2013-Shandong Shengshi Tailai Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. (covering more than 700 acres) It produces 12 million sets of high-performance semi-steel radial tire production lines as the group's manufacturing base for producing high-quality, high-specification, and high-standard tire products. The introduction of tire production technology and tire production equipment from the United States, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, France and other countries, the purpose is to create a world-class tire brand.
  Shengtai people will continue to take the responsibility to revitalize the national tire industry, continue to seize opportunities, create a new chapter in history, and make unremitting efforts to build Shengtai into a world-renowned brand. Looking into the future, a century-long road extends in front of Shengtai people. Shengtai is advancing towards the grand goal of "first-class domestically and world-renowned"! Welcome people of insight from all walks of life to come to discuss cooperation, go hand in hand, win-win cooperation!

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