Production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of all-steel radial tires and semi-steel radial tires


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Shengtai Group
  The sign integrally comprises of graphics, Chinese and English. The primary color of the graphics is blue, which represents that the group pays attention to the science and technology, and pursues the efficiency; the design of a whole circle means the rising sun, and represents the strong development of the enterprise in the future; three channel white decorative patterns copy the leading product of Shengtai Group-The decorative pattern design of tire, at the same time, it represents a sprawling development road; combining the first character “S” of “Sheng” and the graphics of Sun, surge and held fists, which represent that the enterprise forges ahead in unity, ploughs through the surges, and all kinds of undertakings are flourishing; Chinese and English are carried out the art processing, and are the standard letters which represent Shengtai.
  The entire brand with bright implied meaning deeply embodies that: For years, Shengtai Group made the tire industry as the major industry, constantly developed upstream and downstream products, extended the industry chain to expand the industry scale and made new and greater contribution for promoting the provincial economy.
Shengtai Group
  A cheetah, flexible in motivation and vigorous in figure, is good at running and capturing the objectives, and has both speed and power, with keen insight and persistent spirit. These imply that Shengtai Group adheres to the development confidence, scientifically decides, grasps the opportunities, and knows clearly the market change to achieve the stronger, greater and longer of the enterprise under the severe market condition.
  The cheetah is beautiful in appearance and solemn in figure, and has golden yellow fur and spots, which implies the favorable corporate image and high quality of Shengtai Group. The cheetah raises an “THREE-A” gold medal, which symbolizes that: The enterprise vigorously carries out the strategy that the brand flourishes the enterprise, and the brand establishment promotes the enterprise development to make the enterprise always leading.
Shengtai Group
People as the center
Culture to a company is what ideology is to people.
As a resource,
Culture is taken as the soul and core value system by Shengtai Group.
Employees working in unity
Employees are valuable treasures in a company and the force for development in a company.
Putting people in the center and reserving people with affection contribute to joint development of companies and employees.
Diversified cultural life
People are the soul of the universe. Talents should be taken as top priority that helps map out strategies.
Shengtai adheres to the genuine concept of putting talents as the basis for corporate survival and puts development of talents to the long-term plan for corporate development.
Over years, Shengtai has been constantly forging a vigorous growing space for employees so that they form development source for regaining new vigor.
Company spirit: unity, honest operation, pursuit of excellence, dedication to the society
Management policy:people as the center, scientific management, being pragmatic and efficient, regulated operation
Operational concept:to put market as the orientation and to deem customers as God
It hunts for existence with quality and puts mutual win as the objective
Management method:completed system, distinct responsibilities and rights, incentives and motivation in combination
Work priority:guarantee of safety and quality, boosted output, rise in efficiency
Development mindset:invigoration of the company with science and technology, extended internal connotation, expansion of AAA brand.

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