Production enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of all-steel radial tires and semi-steel radial tires


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Chairman’s Speech
◇◆Shengtai Group is a sweet and warm homeland for pursuing the common ideal. “Shengtai People” from all corners of the country gather together for a common ideal. Shengtai makes world tire famous brand production with “Made in China” as its own duty, pursuits of the excellent quality, provides the first-class service, and jointly build a homeland with enthusiasm, opening, sincere cooperation, forging ahead and equal competitiveness. The road of Shengtai is an exploration road with dream and glory. How many years of wind and rain vicissitudes of life, how many years of success and dream, so the glory of Shengtai now is built. Having the pleasure of success and confusion of fault, on the development road of private corporations, our group has written a unique exploration chapter.
◇◆“Sail on the vast sea with strong wind and full sail, and point at the great waves easily”. Today, the world economic globalization is greatly accelerated, and all Shengtai people are looking forward to joining us and cooperating with us by virtue of full enthusiasm, limitless business opportunity and development space.
Shengtai Group
General Manager’s Speech
◇◆More than ten years ago, a group of people with breadth of vision got together, surveyed the constantly changing market in wise sight, and let down their dreams with wisdom and enthusiasm. Thanks to more than ten years of hardships and progress, Shengtai Group has gotten such an achievement.
◇◆In the eventful days, Shengtai Group deeply rooted in the fertile soil of China rubber tire industrial development, integrated the talent and technologies in China rubber tire industry, adhered to the unswerving historical mission of “Promote China Rubber Tire Industry, Forge the World Tire Famous Brand”, and grew rapidly in the stormy waves in the market competition by virtue of unity, advance, and credit operation.
◇◆Time does not stay, and God helps those who help themselves. Shengtai Group will further arouse the team enthusiasm and organizational vigor based on the broad and long-term view of creating glory and dream, keeps forging ahead with keen determination, exceeds itself, creates a kind of flourishing power source to achieve the established goal in the world economy stage, and jointly develops with all the partners.
Shengtai Group

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